About Us
<< Out of the Circle >>

is an independent artistic, cultural and social initiative, supporting young contemporary Egyptian visual artists, launched in 2007 by Art Curator Elham Khattab. The initiative is based on 3 applications: arts management for contemporary Egyptian artists, arts and crafts classes for children and community development through art projects.

The Beginning

The idea started during a visit to Syria in 2007 and was stimulated by the lack of interaction among Arab visual artists at that time. The artist’s work is defined by the environment, in which he lives. Hence, it is the main source of inspiration next to the experiences he lives. Therefore, it is crucial that the artist is exposed to rich, diverse and numerous environments in order to enrich his work. Hence, the initiative was launched to help artists get out of their circle to explore different environments and experiences; to open new horizons within their environment and consequently enrich their artworks and enhance their careers as artists.


A Better Exposure of the Egyptian identity through Visual Art

Mission Statement

Out of the circle represents the contemporary Egyptian identity through visual arts by supporting contemporary artists whose works demonstrate the aspects of the Egyptian identity and by implementing development art projects that educate children about their community and identity.

  • Create an interactive network of artists
  • Promote for and support independent Egyptian visual artists whose works illustrate the Egyptian identity
  • Conceive and execute development art projects for the welfare of the community
  • Educate children about their community and identity through crafts and arts